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A new kind of healthcare intelligence with Agilum’s financial analytics team

A Q&A with Brian Wedderspoon, Vice President of Analytics Services

The Agilum Healthcare Intelligence team is a fundamental component of Agilum’s commitment to unveiling your critical insights. Comprised of a multidisciplinary group of experienced healthcare business analysts and data experts, this team supports and augments an organization’s existing resources by analyzing their clinical, operational, financial and supply chain data to help manage profitability, boost departmental efficiency and optimize revenues. Recently, we sat down with Brian Wedderspoon, VP of Analytics Services, to learn more about what to expect with Agilum’s financial analytics solutions.

Q: What happens when a customer comes on board?

A: When clients decide to implement Agilum Service Line Costing and Profitability (SLCP) for financial analytics, we train them on how to use the tool, help them with data issues, and make improvements to their hospital by implementing cost accounting. This process usually takes about six weeks, and we work closely with the hospital’s own financial staff to make sure they have the appropriate data that will empower them to make informed decisions. The hospital or health system generally has a significant amount of information from their electronic health record (EHR) and general ledger, and we marry this information for them. The sky is the limit on reporting!

Q: What are some common challenges customers face, and how does the Agilum Healthcare Intelligence team help overcome them?

A: Our customers’ number-one challenge is not having enough manpower available to evaluate their data. There is so much information and some departments don’t have an analyst on staff. The Agilum Healthcare Intelligence team becomes the hospitals’ “analysts on call” and are there to help them evaluate their data and derive valuable insights. We fill in the gaps and become the resources they don’t have.

Another common challenge many hospitals face is lack of expertise. Staff may not have the background or skill set to know where to begin when it comes to financial analytics. Our team knows the pain points of a hospital, so we know where to look to help our clients start using the data in productive, strategic ways.

Q: What’s a recent customer success story worth sharing?

A: We’ve developed a great relationship with one hospital system whose Associate VP of Revenue Cycle has been so engaged and is really a champion for change. Even though their relationship with us is relatively recent, the hospital has implemented cost accounting at the main site, and their provider clinics are on board now as well. We have an aggressive goal to be both implemented and running smoothly within one year — and we are very much on track. This client has really been utilizing our services effectively, and has created specific dashboards, including one for their women’s center service line. It’s really exciting to see.

Q: What makes Agilum SLCP stand out from the competition?

I really feel that our level of customer service and the way we take care of our customers is second to none. We pride ourselves in helping our clients and keeping our relationship solid. For example, 80-85% of our help desk tickets are completed within 48 hours. We try to resolve any issues as soon as possible. We also offer unique perks, such as our free, two-hour “power user” training class. Most clients feel ready to run reports after that training period. Agilum truly goes above and beyond mere analytics to position our customers to succeed.