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Industry research indicates over half of hospital executives recognize analytics as crucial to mitigating drug diversion risks

56% see resulting need for more pharmacy analytics

Agilum Healthcare Intelligence, Inc., a leader in advanced healthcare analytics solutions, has conducted an extensive Customer Experience Management Research study with Porter Research, an independent healthcare-focused research firm.

The primary objectives of the study included gaining insights into the most urgent concerns of Agilum’s clients and identifying their top management and compliance priorities for the next two to three years. The surveys were conducted between May and June, 2017.

78% of respondents answered “yes” when asked, “Are you aware the Federal DEA agency has created a task force seeking to identify diversion fraud in hospitals today…and there are penalties in the millions of dollars as well as prison sentences for potential violators?” And 56% said “yes” when asked, “Would knowing about the DEA Drug Diversion Task Force affect your opinion about the importance of Agilum’s analytic capabilities to identify diversion in your system?”

“As evidenced by the response numbers, drug diversion presents a major risk for hospitals today and Agilum is uniquely positioned to help our customers proactively mitigate this potentially devastating threat,” said Travis Leonardi, CEO of Agilum. “We apply Comparative Rapid Cycle Analytics™ to identify variances in the data, including patterns in the transaction history, and pinpoint specific areas where hospitals might be out of compliance with drug diversion regulations.”

Agilum has been building its Comparative Rapid Cycle Analytics capabilities and Patient Data Intelligence Platform™ for the past several years to deliver real-world insights based on objective, real-world data, and recently added Agilum Healthcare Intelligence services — a robust team of some of the industry’s most experienced and credentialed pharmacy experts, clinicians, data scientists, and business analysts — to enable its customers to significantly improve quality of care while dramatically decreasing costs.

“Porter Research is proud to work with such an innovative company as Agilum. The insights we uncovered were significant and truly resonated with the pharmacy executives we interviewed. I’m impressed with Agilum’s commitment to understanding and acting upon the voice of their customers on such impactful issues as drug diversion,” said Cynthia Porter, president of Porter Research.