Agilum Healthcare Intelligence Launches POP-BUILDER Rx™ — the First Pharmacy-Driven Population Health Management Platform

Today marks the launch of POP-BUILDER Rx™, a powerful pharmacy analytics platform that represents a seismic shift in population health management. This new solution provides next-generation analytics for hospitals, payers, self-insured employers, pharmacy benefit managers and life science organizations by applying objective, real-world pharmacy utilization data to improve outcomes and achieve a demonstrable reduction in the total cost of care.

“POP-BUILDER Rx changes the game for population health management by making drug treatments the focal point of managing populations,” said Travis Leonardi, RPh, CEO of Agilum. “The platform analyzes millions of data points in seconds and makes evidence-based data available to quantify the actionable value on the quality and total cost of healthcare. I’ve always maintained that drugs are the cornerstone of all healthcare outcomes and that quality will always yield a manageable total cost of care. Our solution leverages the largest longitudinal drug treatment database available and enables comparative analytics across all sub-segments of the population.”

POP-BUILDER Rx is one of several solutions available through Agilum’s Comparative Rapid Cycle Analytics™ (CRCA™) platform, a powerful engine that compares unique population groups against a longitudinal census database representing more than 140 million patients across the U.S.

POP-BUILDER Rx compares drug cost and utilization data for any targeted population, filtered by age, gender, disease state, comorbidity, hospital type, etc. against an objective, statistically similar cohort to help identify opportunities for treatment savings. Agilum also has the power to instantly compare a drug’s therapeutic effectiveness for any diagnosis and to identify variances in quality indicators, such as length of stay and readmissions.

“Agilum provides a real-time view into current and retrospective hospital data, not available commercially, that provides a longitudinal picture of patients’ medications, physicians’ compliance to drug protocols and specific application of medication used off label,” explains William D. Kirsh, DO, MPH, Chief Medical Information Officer for Agilum. “The proliferation of extremely sophisticated and costly medications directly impacts the quality and total cost of care, and providers need access to real-time data to determine if these new drugs are, in fact, more effective than prior treatment regimens. Agilum provides these insights – in a matter of minutes.”

POP-BUILDER Rx has the right information to answer key questions commonly asked by hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, specialty pharmacy distributors and traditional health insurance underwriters, including:

  1. What medications are physicians prescribing “inpatient” for specific procedures or diagnoses?
  2. What clinical outcomes occur when comparing a target drug to a competitor’s medication?
  3. What clinical information provides specialty pharmacy manufacturers the advantage to work with payer organizations, PBMs and self-insured employers to financially support very high-cost and limited population use medication in contract arrangements?

POP-BUILDER Rx provides immediate speed to value for clients interested in comparing their own experience to a national census population. The solution is also offered as a powerful, turn-key analytics tool for organizations lacking access to real-time, real-world drug data necessary to make actionable decisions on drug treatments.

The platform is generating excitement from physicians, pharmacists, nurses, finance and supply chain executives, researchers and P&T committees who have been struggling to make cost-effective decisions without access to real-world data. With Agilum, clinicians, providers and administrators finally have a tool to take charge and improve patient health while reducing the total cost of care. In fact, early users have reported that having instant access to such a powerful dataset has quickly become a mission-critical capability as value-based care reimbursement accelerates.

“Many population health management initiatives are missing the target as they attempt to achieve savings without data-driven decision-making,” continues Leonardi. “POP-BUILDER Rx represents a paradigm shift by delivering the actionable data needed to truly improve performance.”

About Agilum Healthcare Intelligence

Agilum Healthcare Intelligence is an innovative pharmacy and financial analytics company focused on utilizing real-world data to deliver objective, real-world evidence for hospitals, life sciences companies and payers. Our proprietary Comparative Rapid Cycle Analytics™ (CRCA™) solution leverages a revolutionary longitudinal census population database to help healthcare leaders make more informed formulary decisions that reduce costs and improve quality of care, while our advanced Service Line Costing & Profitability platform enables insights within the healthcare organization to help manage profitability, boost departmental efficiency and optimize revenues. Our goal is simple: to drive better outcomes while leading the transition to value-based care.

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