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Agilum Healthcare Intelligence Releases Daily Real-Time Nationwide Data on COVID-19 Survival Rates by Treatment Protocols for Hospitalized Patients – Impacting Life-Saving Medication Decisions

Agilum’s proprietary real-world longitudinal patient database provides a mechanism to observe trends and outcomes as they happen. The company is able to deliver updates on current and new treatment regimens of COVID-19 patients – providing transparency into the resulting outcomes for various patient cohorts.

The COVID-19 crisis requires clinicians to make life-altering treatment decisions without access to real-world data or concluded clinical trials on the effectiveness of certain drug treatments for individual patients,” says Travis Leonardi, RPh, C.P., CEO of Agilum. Leonardi continues, “Retrospective analyses lack the ability to dynamically pivot medical decisions based on what’s working in hospitals today, and anecdotal evidence is never safe, especially when treating a complex, new and deadly pandemic like COVID-19.”

The data to date has highlighted valuable trends across males and females, young patients vs. older patients, and those with established comorbid states vs. none. Even the established treatment protocols might be altered based on the information observed from this database, which reflects over 450 US hospitals treating COVID-19 patients. Based on the observational data, William D. Kirsh, DO, MPH, CMIO of Agilum, noted, “The use of hydroxychloroquine sulfate, Plaquenil, and chloroquine plus azithromycin is not as effective as hydroxychloroquine sulfate, Plaquenil, and chloroquine protocol alone based on survival data. To date, that observation is made by looking at 14,466 patients treated for COVID-19.”

The application of Agilum’s proprietary dataset is in line with expectations of regulations generated by principles outlined in the 21st Century Cures Act. Agilum’s goal is to help hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDN), pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies and the entire life science industry expedite healthcare innovation by providing real-world data. To learn more about the importance of real-world evidence in combating COVID-19:

With the rapidly evolving incidence of COVID-19, the Agilum report will be refreshed daily to show patient outcome trends for specific drug treatment regimens. Please click here to view the latest Agilum COVID-19 observational data.

About Agilum Healthcare Intelligence
Agilum Healthcare Intelligence is an innovative pharmacy and financial analytics company focused on utilizing real-world data to deliver objective, real-world evidence for hospitals, life sciences companies and payers. Our proprietary Comparative Rapid Cycle Analytics™ (CRCA™) solution leverages a revolutionary longitudinal census population database to help healthcare leaders make more informed formulary decisions that reduce costs and improve quality of care, while our advanced Service Line Costing & Profitability platform enables insights within the healthcare organization to help manage profitability, boost departmental efficiency and optimize revenues. Our goal is simple: to drive better outcomes while leading the transition to value-based care.

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