Agilum leaders co-author Pharmaceutical Executive article: “Drug Development in Wartime: Driving Tomorrow’s R&D Decisions with Today’s COVID-19 Data”

Agilum’s Chief Executive Officer, Travis Leonardi, RPh, CP, and Chief Medical Information Officer, William Kirsh, DO, MPH, have been featured in Pharmaceutical Executive. The article discusses the challenges of clinical trials during the current COVID-19 pandemic and highlights Agilum’s work to provide real-world data regarding patient drug regimens and survival rates.

As Dr. Kirsh states, “The reality we’re facing is not one that can be put on hold for years or even months as we wait for clinical trial data to roll in. The only way for pharma companies to know where to focus their R&D efforts – and for clinicians to make the right treatment decisions on the ground – is for the industry to have access to real-time, real-world evidence of what’s working to keep people alive.”

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