New video highlights expanded capabilities of CRCA™ P&T pharmacy analytics platform

Recently, we announced the relaunch of CRCA™ (Comparative Rapid Cycle Analytics®) P&T, Agilum’s groundbreaking pharmacy analytics platform with robust new functionalities and improved processing speed. Now, you can learn more about this powerful, versatile platform in a new video that explains the many benefits CRCA P&T can provide to pharmacy leaders.

The video highlights CRCA P&T’s most exciting new feature — a Drug Remittance Dashboard that breaks down purchase price, claim amount and reimbursement by public or private payer to illustrate which payers are under-reimbursing for high-cost specialty drugs. It also highlights CRCA P&T’s unmatched longitudinal database, which provides access to continually updated, real-world and near real-time evidence built from more than 250 million patient encounters.

With enhanced filtering capabilities for factors like drug classification, diagnosis, hospital type and age ranges, CRCA P&T offers countless ways to model your drug utilization and spending against best practices and plan high-quality treatment regimens that lead to the best outcomes for patients at the lowest costs.

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