Peer-Reviewed Article Published in Hospital Pharmacy: “Is P&T Ready to Add Rapid Cycle Analytics to Formulary?”

Agilum’s proprietary Comparative Rapid Cycle Analytics™ (CRCA™) platform provided the real-world data and real-world evidence requested by NYU Langone Health to analyze the effectiveness of IV acetaminophen for patients undergoing total hip and total knee arthroplasties.

According to the peer-reviewed article published in Hospital Pharmacy in May 2020, “Being able to perform this detailed analytical exercise for thousands of encounters internally and using a data warehouse of over 130 million patients as a point of reference in a short time has improved the depth of our assessment… This clinically real-world and data-rich analytics model is the necessary foundation for using Artificial or Augmented Intelligence (AI) to make real-time formulary and drug selection decisions.”

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